Your cash donation will go to helping us pay for rent and utilities, purchase equipment and supplies and put on events, meetups and classes!


Got something awesome you want us to have? If you have equipment that you’d like to donate, please have a look at our Wishlist page to see what we’re in need of and how equipment donations work at Chimera.


Don’t have things or money to donate but want to help? We’re always looking for people to help us clean and move things, produce events and do odd jobs. If that’s interesting to you, please let us know your availability on our Google Group.

Have a particular skill? Then you might want to consider teaching at Chimera.

About Your Donation

Tax Receipt

Since we’re a 501(c)3 organization, we can offer tax receipts for valid donations we accept and that are valued. Tax receipts are for relatively large donations. If you donate some post-its®, we’re not going to give you a tax receipt.

If you want a tax receipt for your donation, please let us know otherwise no receipt will be issued!


Chimera does not offer any reimbursements for donations. If you’d like to donate something to Chimera and want something in return, the only thing we can offer is a tax receipt (and our thanks!).