apaBoard kívánságlista

Chimera is in need of the following items to outfit our space. If you have some of the following items, please post on our Google Group describing what you have (and ideally a photo or two).

Cool Toys

  • Laser cutter
  • 3D printers
  • CNC mills


  • Cabinets
  • Storage containers
  • Peg boards (and hooks)
  • Window blinds


  • Stepper motors, servos
  • LEDs
  • Breadboards


  • Functional power tools (saws, drills, etc…)
  • Tarps
  • Clamps

Office / Kitchen

  • Office chairs!!!
  • White boards
  • Cork boards
  • Projectors (and screens)
  • Water tower (hot water a plus)
  • Full size refrigerator (clean and working!)


  • Christmas lights (working ones please!)
  • Awesome art!


  • Money!
  • The answer to the meaning of life (and no, we won’t accept 47 as an answer!)

Not in the list?

For items not in the list above, we require a member to take responsibility for the item. The reason we do this is so that we don’t end up with a lot of things that aren’t used and just take up space and collect dust.

Post your item in our Google Group or reach out to a member who might be interested in taking responsibility for your item.